Back & Knee Formula

This is a classical formula used for pain in the lower body especially in the low back, knees, legs and feet. Issues such as arthritis, weakness and heaviness of the legs, soreness, numbness and stiffness of the back or legs are all perfect candidates for this formula.

Back and Knee Formula is also known as Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang. This is a classical formula used for pain in the lower body, especially in the low back, knees, legs and feet. Issues such as arthritis, weakness and heaviness of the legs, soreness, numbness and stiffness of the back or legs are all perfect candidates for this formula. The goal of this formula is to encourage the normal flow of qi and remove obstruction. In Western terminology it has been shown to inhibit inflammation by enhancing microphage activity and increasing blood circulation. Both of these activities are essential for healing inflamed tissues, restoring normal function and mitigating further degeneration. In Chinese medicine the kidney organ system keeps the bones of the back, legs and knees strong and healthy while the liver organ system nourishes the sinews, tendons and ligaments. The herbs in this formula have  been used for centuries to strengthen strengthen the kidney and liver organ systems and nourish vital energy.

500mg   180 capsules

Recommended dosage- 3 capsules, 2 times a day.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This formula helps me with my arthritic knees and I love that it is organic! – Jon F

Ingredients: Organic Mulberry Stem (Sang Ji Sheng),  Organic Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang), Organic Angelica Root (Dang Gui), Organic Poria (Fu Ling), Organic Achyranthes Root (Huai Niu Xi), Organic Eucommia Bark ( Du Zhong), Organic White Peony Root (Bai Shao), Organic Siler Root (Fang Feng), Organic Lugisticum (Chuan Xiong), Organic Licorice (Gan Cao).

The Herbs:

Organic Mulberry Stem (Sang Ji Sheng)

This herb is very effective for arthritis type pain. Many kinds of arthritis pain are worse in the damp cold weather. In Chinese medicine an imbalance of cold, wind, heat or dampness in the body can cause arthritic type pain. This herb is known to expel wind, cold and damp from the body and alleviate pain. It was also used in Europe by the Druids to alleviate arthritic pain.

Organic Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang)

The tuber of this herb is used medicinally. The plant is indigenous to China, Japan and Korea. Rehmannia tuber can be used fresh and dried. It’s taste is very rich, sweet and dense. In Chinese medicine rehmannia is used to tonify yin and blood. In our Back and Knee formula it assists the repair of tendons, ligaments and bone by strengthening the liver and kidney organ systems.

Organic Angelica Root (Dang Gui)

Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Angelica, has a special affinity for female gynecological disorders. It is known to help balance hormone levels and provides supplemental estrogen. Additionally, Angelica relaxes smooth muscle tissue in the body and increases circulation. In Chinese medicine terminology, it enriches and moves blood, it is very good at reducing pain anywhere in the body.

Organic Poria (Fu Ling)

Poria is a type of fungus that most often grows on pine trees. It is gathered from the trees, cut into slices and shade dried. Poria is used in a wide range of Chinese formulas. It strengthens digestion and relaxes the mind. It is most well known for expelling dampness in Chinese medicine. Dampness is like a swamp, that heavy bogged down feeling. Dampness may result in bloating, depression, and feeling unmotivated. Poria is one of the most important herbs for draining the swamp, dampness, and restoring a clear calm mind.

Organic Angelica Root (Du Huo)

There are many species of Angelica used in Chinese herbal medicine and over 60 species that grow worldwide. Du Huo refers to angelica pubescens. In Chinese medicine, Angelica’s works to eliminate wind, dampness, and cold in the body to stop pain. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can treat either chronic or acute aches and pains. It especially helps pain conditions such as arthritis that are worse with cold and damp.

Organic Achyranthes Root (Huai Niu Xi)

This is herb is said to strengthen the sinews and the low back. It has been shown in laboratory experiments to have analgesic effects. In Chinese medicine in nourishes the Liver and Kidney yin.   

Organic Eucommia Bark ( Du Zhong)

Eucommia ulmoides is a rare plant species and a member of the rubber tree family. It is a very ancient tree. It has become more rare in recent times but luckily the tree is not killed to obtain the bark. Eucommia bark is great for connective tissue disorders. It relieves soreness and inflammation affecting the lower body especially the low back, hips, knees and ankles. It heals injured and weak tissue and will help make your backache a thing of the past! In Chinese medicine it is also used to treat infertility and threatened miscarriage. It is very strengthening to the liver and kidney meridians.

Organic White Peony Root (Bai Shao)

White peony root is one of the most used herbs in the Chinese pharmacopeia. It is a wonderful tonic herb. Peony root purifies the blood, reduces pain, relaxes muscles, relieves cramps and spasms anywhere in the body, even menstrual cramps. In our Stress Free Formula it helps to relax the musculoskeletal system which often responds to stress with tension. It can also help lower stress induced high blood pressure.

Organic Siler Root (Fang Feng)

Siler Root grows mostly in Mongolia and Jilin regions of China. It name means “guard against wind.” It is effective in treating joint pain especially cases of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. It will reduced pain and inflammation associated with these disorders. In Chinese medicine spasms, tremors, seizures and stroke are due to excess wind in the body. Siler root is a well known herb for treating muscular spasms.

Organic Gentian Root (Qin Jiao)

There are over 400 species in the gentian family. It is a widely used herb all over the world and included in many “Bitters” formulas. Gentiana macrophylla root, Qin Jiao, is one of the most important herbs used in formulas for rheumatoid arthritis because of its ability to reduce pain.

Organic Cinnamon Bark (Rou Gui)

With its sweet, rich, and spicy taste, who doesn’t love cinnamon? Cinnamon is referenced in China’s most revered herbal text the Shanghan Lun written 1,850 years ago. The Cinnamon tree continues to be one of China’s most important herbs for many centuries. Cinnamon tree likes the warmth and grows in the south of China where it is known as a “solar plant.” The energy of the sun is rich in yang qi, or warming energy. Cinnamon has this effect in the body too. It is warming and promotes circulation in the body to decrease pain and stiffness.

Organic Lugisticum Root (Chuan Xiong)

Chuan Xiong is also known commonly as ligusticum or Chinese Lovage. It grows widely all over China and Korea. The root and rhizome are used in herbal preparations and even sometimes added to cosmetics and beverages to enhance flavor and scent. Lugisticum helps move blood and qi,, expel wind from the body to decrease pain. In Chinese medicine often pain indicates a level of stagnation. Blood flow is not optimum, perhaps because of an old injury, aging or sluggish circulation and lymph flow. Lovage helps remove this blockage to heal injured tissues. It is also used to reduce pain from dysmenorrhea, and headaches.

Organic Licorice (Gan Cao)

Licorice has been used medicinally all over the world for centuries. It is arguably one of the most important herbs in the Chinese pharmacopeia. One of the reasons it is so important in Chinese medicine is that it harmonizes the actions of other herbs. It is frequently baked in honey (Zhi Gan Cao) before being included in herbal formulas. It has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

100% Natural: Free of artificial colors, flavors sweeteners, preservatives, fillers and binders.

Can I take this formula when I am pregnant? Breastfeeding?

This formula is designed to be taken by all patients. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your healthcare provider for details.

How do I know that the herbs in this formula are organic?

We strive to use 100% USDA organic ingredients whenever possible. Some ingredients in Chinese herbalism are minerals, as opposed to vegetable, and therefore can not be certified organic by USDA. For our international customers, we have attained 100% BCS Oko-Garantie. This is a standard organic certification for the European Union. Its standards meet or exceed USDA certification requirements and certify for mineral ingredients.

Are there fillers in your formulas?

IAOM uses NO FILLERS, NONE. The ingredients listed on our label are the only ingredients in our bottle. Think this is common practice in the herbal industry? Think again.  

As the supplement industry is largely self regulated in the US, there is little to no regulation on how much actual herb is involved in an herbal supplement. Corn, wheat, rice, maltodextrin are all frequently used. Not only do these added ingredients adulterate the efficacy of the formula, but they are a source of hidden allergens in herbs.

How do we know that your herbs are non-toxic?

All of our herbs are grown in China. Whenever ingredients are imported from China, the US FDA requires they are proven for “safety”. The following methods of cleaning are acceptable, according to the FDA, for importation: radiation, sterilization, a chemical wash, sulfurization or ultraviolet rays. That’s right. If you are using Chinese herbs, they have previously gone through one of these processes in order to have cleared customs in the US. The herbs we use in our formulas were treated with UV rays, by far the safest way to ensure their efficacy.

Can I take this formula with other medications?

Our all-natural, Chinese herbal formulas are recommended without knowledge of your medications. Please consult your local healthcare provider before combining our products with your pharmaceutical medications.

  • Relieves pain from acute and chronic injuries

  • Reduces pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

  • Reduces numbness, soreness in low back, legs and knees

  • Recommended Dosage- 3 capsules, 2 times a day

Price: $40.00