Nate Peyman

Massage Therapist



“My wholistic approach to massage employs accuracy of pressure, stimulating awareness of body mechanics, and using myofascial release, movement therapy and Reiki healing to help unwind tension. It is important to me to have a respectful, warm, positive environment with all my clients. I love the work of massage therapy.”

Meet Nate

Nate brings a wealth and knowledge and experience to his massage therapy clients. He completed his 900 hour intensive massage training at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA and became a licensed massage therapist over 14 years ago. Nate is able to tailor his massage to each patient’s need with his experience providing reiki, reflexology, deep tissue, and Swedish massage styles. He has offered massage in a variety of settings, including exclusive spas and chiropractic clinics. Nate has completed a variety of trainings including reiki, Ayurvedic hot stone massage, and myofascial release.  He provides medical and orthopedic massage in increments of 25 minutes to up to 80 minutes.

Our acupuncturists often refer patients to Nate after acupuncture for a 25 minute  massage to a specific injured area. Nate’s experienced hands will allow you to relax and let your body heal.

Certifications & Affiliations

Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage  Stowe, Vermont

Aston Patterning Techniques I: Visual Assessment  Arlington, Mass.

Myofascial Release II Cambridge, Mass.

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement by Ed Record. Cambridge, Mass.

Massage School, 900-hour intensive training, Muscular Therapy Institute. Cambridge, Mass.

Reiki Attunements I, II, & III by Suzanne G. McCausland, Old Lyme, Conn.

Robin Greenwood

Massage Therapist


Meet Robin

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Certifications & Affiliations

Bridget Collins

Massage Therapist

“It’s my pleasure to offer a combination of deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point and Swedish massage to help relieve tension- both muscular and emotional.”

Meet Bridget

Bridget completed her massage training at the Maiden School of Massage Therapy and Bodywork Therapy in Maiden, North Carolina. For the past four years she has been offering her uniques style of combining neuromuscular therapy techniques with trigger point therapy.  Bridget specializes in offering relief for chronic neck, low back and hip pain. She is also one of the only massage therapists in the area to specialize in the treatment of TMJ/jaw pain. Her credentials and experience include deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, prenatal massage, and essential oil application.

Our acupuncturists often refer patients to Bridget for a relaxation massage. Women at all stages of pregnancy appreciate her intuitive touch and knowledge of muscles to reduce pains in the hips and back. Regular clients of Bridget continue to return for “amazing relief for pain” and her “expert touch”.

Certifications & Affiliations

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