Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi is the traditional style of massage from Hawaii. There are many lineages of Lomi that have been passed down since ancient times. They all share a holistic approach, treating body, mind, and spirit as one.

Traditional Lomilomi Massage

50 min $90     80 min $120

This style of Lomilomi uses full-body strokes that emulate ocean waves to integrate the whole body, move energy, and release pain, tension, and blockages. It improves circulation and helps the lymphatic system eliminate toxins from the body.

Lomilomi can also have profound impacts on mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It promotes deep relaxation and stress relief, and can be used to access and release emotional baggage and traumas. Sessions are very meditative in nature and can help us reconnect with our sense of purpose and potential in life.

Temple-Style Lomi

50 min $90     80 min $120

Temple-Style is a modern lineage of Lomi that uses cascading waves of forearm and elbow stokes. It is ideal for those who prefer deeper bodywork.

It has all the physical and psychological benefits of Traditional Lomi, and also incorporates manual stretches, deep twists, and joint rotations to improve flexibility and range of motion.

Add Ons

Deep Joint Rotations

An optional add-on to Temple-Style Lomi sessions (see above)

Deep Joint Rotations are a traditional component of Temple-Style Lomi sessions. This unique modality involves slowly rotating each joint (shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles) at its maximum range of motion. This process clears out the joint sockets and increases range of motion. Receivers love experiencing deeper stretches than they can achieve themselves.

Lomi HA Breathwork

Lomi HA is Hawaiian-Style Breathwork that creates deep, lasting change. This is a very effective method for letting go of baggage and trauma, clearing the way for your goals to manifest.

Recommended Duration: 30 min add-on to a Lomi massage.

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