Naturopathic Medicine

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Naturopathic medicine is an integrative and holistic form of primary health care that focuses on the prevention and treatment of health conditions throughout all stages of life. Through the use of clinical nutrition, lifestyle modification, botanical remedies, supplements, and other complementary therapies, naturopathic physicians support the body’s inherent ability to heal while emphasizing the unique nature of each patient and where they are in their health journey.

Direct Patient Care

Naturopathic physicians can treat a wide range of conditions, ranging from the common cold to complex chronic disease. General appointments include everything one would expect from a doctor’s visit, including a review of your health concerns, physical exam, ordering appropriate lab work and imaging, and designing a treatment plan that works best for each unique patient.

Functional Medicine

Naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, and massage therapists are essential providers in the Functional medicine approach to care. By using a collaborative model, practitioners at Integrative Acupuncture can work together to provide a well rounded treatment plan for your health concerns.

Nutrition Consultation

A complete and balanced nutritional plan lays the groundwork for any successful treatment plan. Naturopathic physicians, by staying up to date with the most recent nutritional research, work with patients to design a plan that fits into any lifestyle in a sustainable and effective way.

Herbs & Supplements

As a cornerstone modality in naturopathic care, herbs and supplements are used to support both mental and physical health concerns. Combining the knowledge of traditional use and modern-day evidence, practitioners at Integrative Acupuncture can tailor these prescriptions to you in a unique and effective way.

IV & IM Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy

IV (Intravenous) nutrition therapy utilizes various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to promote healing in a way that increases the bioavailability and assists the body in it’s innate healing process. IM (intramuscular) injections can provide some of these same nutrients in a quick and easy manner for those with a specific nutrient depletion. Try the gold standard, Myer’s Cocktail, for general wellness or a more specific blend for immunity, sports recovery or rehydration. 

How Naturopathic Medicine Integrates with Modern Healthcare

Dr. Mary Hall

Licensed Naturopathic Physician

Licensed Acupuncturist

Though the roots of Naturopathic medicine are tied to traditional beliefs, practicing physicians are highly trained in utilizing modern primary care medicine. Using a thorough review of symptoms, physical exam, lab work, diagnostic imaging, and referral to specialists when necessary, naturopathic physicians aim to look at the body and understand individual health as an integrated whole. 

Once this information is gathered, treatments are prioritized to use the most natural, least invasive, and least toxic options first. When necessary, pharmaceuticals are utilized as well. In this way, naturopathic medicine bridges the gap between traditional therapies and modern medicine. The providers at IAOM are dedicated to working in this integrated and cohesive mindset, helping you on your journey to wellness.


The Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

The six principles of Naturopathic medicine that define and unify Naturopathic physicians around the world include:

The Healing Power of Nature
(Vis Medicatrix Naturae)

Naturopathic medicine recognizes and honors the body’s inherent ability to heal. The role of the physician is to use the most natural and least invasive methods available for treatment, while encouraging patients to maintain a healthy environment both internally and externally, supporting this process.

Identify and Treat the Causes
(Tolle Causam) 

Though there is a time and place for the suppression of debilitating symptoms, the ultimate goal of a Naturopathic physician is to identify the cause of illness, and remove the obstacles to cure.

First Do No Harm
(Primum Non Nocere)

Though this is a core principle for all medical practice, Naturopathic physicians focus heavily on using gentle, yet effective treatments that minimize the risk of side effects while respecting each patient’s journey to health.

Doctor as Teacher

Naturopathic medicine acknowledges the incredible importance of a trusting and respectful doctor-patient relationship. Physicians empower patients to take responsibility for their health through education of what it takes to stay well.

Treat the Whole Person 

Naturopathic physicians view the human body as an interconnected whole, taking into account mental, physical, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that contribute to health.


Naturopathic medicine emphasizes the importance of preventing illness whenever possible. Through comprehensive assessment of risk factors, genetics, and lifestyle with subsequent intervention physicians can teach patients how to stay get and stay healthy.

Healing. Cooperation. Wellness.