HerbFlower Cleansing Powder: MelaHerbal™ Blend


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Our HerbFlower Cleansing Powder is the perfect gentle daily cleanser for your face. This MelaHerbal™ Blend is specifically formulated for complexions with dark spots or melasma. Chinese herbs are blended with Fuller’s Earth clay to remove oil and dirt without over-drying. Fuller’s Earth clay is reported to draw out impurities and toxins from the skin and has been used in skin care products to brighten complexions. The Chinese herbs in this formula are also excellent for skin that tends toward developing dark spots. We chose not to make this product a liquid cleanser because we did not want to add any unnecessary preservatives or stabilizers.*

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100% natural Ingredients:

  • Fuller’s Earth Clay
  • Oats
  • Powdered Chinese herbs (Tao Ren**, Hong Hua, Gan Cao, et al.) **peach pit kernel
Mix approximately 1 tsp powder with 1 tsp water in your palm and blend until creamy. Gentle circulate around your face and neck. Rinse off and follow up with toner or moisturizer. Use twice per day for best results. Alternative use as a facial mask: Mix 1 tsp powder with approx. 1 tsp liquid (water, coconut milk, milk, half & half, yogurt, or carrot juice, etc.). Mix in enough liquid until the consistency of paint. Use fingers or cosmetic brush to apply paste to clean face and neck. Avoid eyes. Allow 20 to 30 minutes to dry completely. Rinse off and follow up with toner or moisturizer. Use as a mask once or twice per week for best results.