Acupuncture for Neck Pain

The providers at Integrative Acupuncture have been successfully treating neck pain with acupuncture for over a decade. Our busy practices in Montpelier and Williston, Vermont, allows us to perfect our skills at treating neck pain quickly and effectively. A comfortable and welcoming clinic, easily accessible from Washington, Chittenden and Lamoille counties, awaits you to eliminate your neck pain.

Acupuncture Treats All Types of Neck Pain

Integrative Acupuncture works to reduce neck pain for patients every day. Whether caused by whiplash, traumatic injury, surgery, arthritis or an unknown cause, acupuncture will increase circulation and reduce pain naturally. The nationally board certified providers at IAOM are prepared to care for patients by providing gentle and effective drug-free pain relief by using acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by many different factors. We treat patients both with unknown causes for their pain and patients with diagnosed conditions under the care of physicians. Our providers have attended top universities to receive their masters degrees and are able to interpret your MRI or X-ray results. From muscle strains, arthritis, degenerative diseases and trauma, our team is able to provide relief for neck pain.

How Does Western Medicine Treat Neck Pain?

Western medicine treats neck pain differently depending upon the severity of pain. Muscle relaxing medications, steroid injections, physical therapy and surgery may be recommended. Modern physicians and orthopedic surgeons also recommend acupuncture for natural pain relief.

Acupuncture Review
Acupuncture Review


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    How Does Acupuncture Treat Neck Pain?

    Acupuncture effectively treats neck pain of most types. When inserting the acupuncture needle, the body responds quickly and immediately relaxes muscles around the needle and increases blood circulation. This natural response is how acupuncture works to reduce pain. The brain responds to acupuncture by releasing powerful natural chemicals, like endorphins and enkephalins, which are very strong, natural pain killers.

    At Integrative Acupuncture, we frequently incorporate other healing modalities to treat neck pain, like moxibustion, cupping, and infrared heat. We also use deep tissue massage after the acupuncture to create further pain relief. We may recommend herbal supplements to help the circulation continue between visits. Our providers have Masters degrees in Herbal Medicine and are licensed to provide herbal therapeutics by the state of Vermont. We are experts at knowing contraindications with medications and will communicate with your other providers about what we recommend for you.

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