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Over the last two years, I’ve enjoyed Kerry’s respectful approach. For the first time, with a health care provider, I feel that I’m being heard. This has led to deeper healing for me. I know I’ll leave my session feeling better than when I arrived. Regular acupuncture sessions are one of the few ways I can be proactive with my health care, rather than contributing to the standard sick-care system we have in our country. So many times in the last two years I’ve left thinking, “That was the best session!” But it keeps getting better. Keep up the great work!

— Anna – Worcester, VT

At 46, I’m very fortunate to be in great health. Yet of course I have minor nagging health issues that detract and distract from daily pleasure. The IAOM practice has helped tremendously in getting these issues under control, even down to minimizing cold & flu. I can count at least three doctors I don’t need to because of these successes! I also love how my treatments teach me ways to help myself between appointments. I would (and do) recommend this practice highly to others.

— John – VT

Over the years Kerry has help with so many different problems. First and the biggest, we have our beautiful little boy from the help of acupuncture and support from Kerry. Second she has helped reduce the number of sinus infections I have a year. Last year, I didn’t have a single one! Third, I’m a big runner and my ankle was causing me sever pain. After about 6 treatments it felt like new. I was able to run again after 5 weeks…pain free! Fourth issue right now, is an ganglion cyst in my wrist and Kerry has been the only one to help make progress on the pain. Every one of these problems are so different, but she has been able to help with every single one. I’m so grateful for Kerry and the help she has provided over the years…thank you!

— Tammy – Williamstown, VT

I have been a patient for over three years. I have neuralgia pain facial. I tried lots of medications without any help. When I came to Kerry I was very sick and in a lot of pain. She was so positive and said I can help you. I saw Kerry twice per week to start and started herbs. She was able to put my disease in remission. I am back to work and doing quite well. I still see her for full treatments when needed and go to group quit often. They gave me back my health. So thankful for Kerry, Josh and Jen.

— Debora – Barre, VT

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I would like to thank IAOM for helping me find relief from sinus headaches and pain. For years I suffered with daily discomfort and nothing seem to help. With acupuncture and herbal supplement I am able to much better manage it. For the first time in years I have had days with no symptoms. The first time that happened I was in shock.

— Christie – East Montpelier and Williston, VT

I wanted to thank you for the treatment I have received at two recent group sessions. Offering these sessions at CVMC, to employees was a great benefit. I had been hesitant to try acupuncture for some time and have greatly enjoyed treatment thus far. I hope to come down to some group sessions at MIFH on Thursday nights. Thank you-thank you!

— Karen – Berlin, VT

Looking forward to my next appointment. I do wish they were still weekly because they are one of my favorite times of the week. And, who knows if along with the Tikosyn they are helping to keep my heart in normal sinus rhythm. You do a great job with the acupuncture and making the sessions a peaceful refuge from the stresses of daily life. Thank you.

— Ravi – Plainfield, VT

So thankful – IAOM has helped in so many ways, including my spiritual well being by addressing the few (but nagging) physical challenges for someone who is active, but aging. This includes menopause, lower back pain, leg muscles, arthritis, and insomnia. Acupuncture goes far beyond pain management, it’s healing for body, mind & soul.

— Kimberly – VT