Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

The Chinese zodiac wheel spins again to start the Lunar New Year. This new cycle is the Green Wood Dragon Year of 2024, which is very auspicious and transformative — even legendary! This new cycle commences February 4th; Then February 10th begins the ruckus.

For Dragon bursts with flames and revolutionary fire! This Year of the Green Wood Dragon is everything green and full of renewal. It is a Yang year, meaning it is an exciting time that is ripe for action and new connections. Powerful Dragon rages with its shiny, magical scales and strong muscles — loaded with blessed possibility, knowledge, and abundance. Indeed, Dragon represents bravery, being bold but activating the dream: So stay uber creative, open to opportunity, and let your heartful wishes drive your intention and action. Sounds a bit risky in these unstable times? No worries, be assured, for Dragon is confident with charm and a sense of adventure that promises evolution and growth.

Part of Dragon’s beauty and beastliness is that it possesses the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, or water. Being the fifth earthly branch (called Chen), Green Wood Dragon demands that we burn through the negative and what’s no longer needed by tapping into our own power and chi/qi, and this then enables our spirit to burst with joy. Yes! Get ready to release your special internal power and supercharge your awareness.  

Dragon reigns over your ability to change for the better, so prepare to morph. Be like the magic of Dragon to create awe and wonder. Welcome all to the transformation!


In the realm of career and business, the Green Wood Dragon’s influence is likely to foster a climate of entrepreneurship and expansion. Individuals born in this year may find themselves drawn to opportunities that require leadership, vision, and strategic thinking. The adaptable nature of wood, coupled with the Dragon’s ambitious energy, may pave the way for the initiation of bold ventures and the overcoming of challenges.


In relationships, the Green Wood Dragon year is anticipated to bring a sense of passion and intensity. Dragons are known for their charismatic personalities, and when combined with the nurturing qualities of wood, there is potential for deeper connections and meaningful bonds. However, it’s essential for individuals to balance their enthusiasm with patience and understanding to ensure harmony in personal relationships. Look to relationships building and strengthening this year; Nourish the roots and do not neglect the foundation/soil. Remember what brought you together and do more of those things this year.


Health and well-being are areas where the Wood Dragon’s influence can be particularly beneficial. The wood element is associated with vitality and renewal, suggesting a year conducive to adopting healthier lifestyles and practices. We can all benefit from incorporating holistic approaches to well-being, such as mindfulness and balanced nutrition, which can contribute to overall vitality and resilience. Consider adding forest bathing, an English interpretation of the Japanese term shinrin-yoku where spending time in nature, in an alert but relaxed manner, is healing itself.


On a global scale, the Year of the Green Wood Dragon could bring more much-needed attention to environmental issues and sustainable practices. The wood element’s association with nature and growth may prompt increased awareness and initiatives aimed at preserving the planet. Governments and organizations might truly focus on policies and projects that promote environmental sustainability, reflecting the Dragon’s influence on positive change. We’ve made it through the last two years of the Water element, where many of us experienced unprecedented floods. The two years prior to that were the Metal element, reflective of the energy of Lung health, where we survived Covid and our years of isolation. It is time for the Wood element years, sustained growth, and stability.

While the Green Wood Dragon year holds great promise, it’s important to recognize that individual experiences may vary based on other astrological factors and personal circumstances. As with any forecast, the energies and opportunities presented during this period are not predetermined destinies but rather influences that can be navigated and harnessed. 

The Lunar New Year of the Green Wood Dragon in 2024 is poised to bring a dynamic blend of growth, ambition, and adaptability. Whether in personal relationships, career pursuits, or global initiatives, the energies of this year encourage individuals to embrace change, pursue their passions, and contribute to positive transformations in various aspects of life.



Written by author Katherine Factor and Acupuncturist Dr. Kerry Boyle.  More about Katherine’s work and services:  More about Kerry and Integrative Acupuncture at

For more information, consider a deeper understanding of Chinese Astrology with Chinese Metaphysics Career Coach Paulynne Cheng, whose lecture on January 30, 2024 with Pacific College informed some of this content. Special thanks to the work of  Donna Stellhorn and CT Holman at Lotus Institute,

Disclaimer: This is intended for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee outcomes around these predictions, and you are solely responsible for your interpretation. This content is no substitute for medical treatment or advice.

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