Insurance Coverage


Our team of providers are in network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, United and MVP. We also accept Veteran’s Health Plans, Worker’s Compensation and more. Not all insurance plans include acupuncture, so check your plan by calling the phone number on your insurance card or find out more information here about verifying your coverage. Naturopathic medicine is usually a covered service in Vermont, including VT Medicaid. VT Medicaid will not cover acupuncture. Medicare currently does not allow Licensed Acupuncturists to bill for services. We will bill as out of network providers for your insurance plan if it includes our services.

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Private Insurance

We are In-Network with the following private insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Federal BCBS, Anthem Blue Cross, United, and MVP.

Co-Pay – Some insurance plans cover the full cost of a acupuncture treatments, and the patient pays a set amount, called a copay, each visit. Amounts vary by plan, but commonly range from $25-$40 per visit.

Co-Insurance – When an insurance company pays for a percentage of the treatments performed, the patient is responsible to the co-insurance, or remainder of the costs. While these amounts vary, co-insurance commonly covers 70%-80% of costs.

Deductible – If an insurance plan has a deductible component, all costs of the treatments will be the patient’s responsibility until the deductible has been met. These amount vary greatly, and should be discussed with our office ahead of your appointment


Non Covered Services – Medicare does not pay for acupuncture by licensed acupuncturist at this time. Patients are responsible for these costs.

Veterans Affairs

All providers at Integrative Acupuncture accept Veterans and will bill the VA. An authorization is required prior to treatment. Authorizations are usually for 8-12 visits and have an expiry date. We will not provide treatment after an expired authorization. Veteran’s authorizations may be revoked after 3 missed/no show/same day cancelled appointments.

No Insurance

Paying Cash – We offer a discounted time of service fee for both acupuncture and naturopathic medical care for those with no insurace coverage of who choose not to use their insurance.

Cost – Acupuncture time of service fees are $130 for initial visit and $85 for return visit as of August 2021. Naturopathic fees vary depending on service, please contact our office for more information.