Herbs & Supplements

As a cornerstone modality in naturopathic care, herbs and supplements are useful in supporting both mental and physical health concerns. Combining the knowledge of traditional use and modern-day evidence, practitioners at Integrative Acupuncture can tailor these prescriptions to you in a unique and effective way.


Supplements are big business. Unfortunately, however, there are no regulations by any overseeing organization. Knowing what you’re putting in your body is incredibly important. This is why Naturopathic Physicians recommend only medical-grade supplements from trust-worthy companies. In addition, supplemental prescriptions are tailored specifically to your health concerns, so you leave with a plan you can be confident in.


Naturopathic physicians are trained in western botanical medicine. Therefore, they frequently use herbal tinctures or whole herbs in the treatment of disease when able to. Tinctures can be prepared uniquely for each individual patient depending on their health concerns and goals in a way that is safe and effective.

  • Stress Management:

    • Life is stressful. Herbal combinations, specifically those that contain herbs referred to as ‘adaptogens’, can help your body regulate how it responds to stress, good or bad. Different herbs are useful for different physical responses. Some herbs are calming, while others are stimulating. How stress affects you specifically determines which herbs would be the most beneficial. Naturopathic physicians can take your individuality into account, finding a combination that keeps you moving through those busy, stressful times.
  • General Wellness:

    • Depending on your life stage, genetics, diet, prescription medications, and lifestyle, some nutrients may be harder to get than others. With so much information out there on what to take and what not to take, working with a naturopathic physician can help you clear up some of these questions, supporting the foundation keeping your body working at its best. 
  • Detox Programs:

    • The air we breathe, food we eat, and clothes we wear all contribute to the toxic burden our bodies bear on a daily basis. Doing an occasional gentle detox with the support of a professional can help clear out some of these toxins, improving energy levels, reducing cravings, clearing up skin, etc. Naturopathic physicians can help create a plan that works with your body, rather than against it, to make the detox process comfortable and effective.

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