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Each Chinese lunar year has a Chinese zodiac sign, also called the Chinese zodiac year. As it is based on the moon cycle, so each year is a little different. Chinese new years do not start on January 1 nor end on December 31. Use our Chinese zodiac calculator to help you find out accurately what is your Chinese zodiac animal. You will receive an email of your next year astrological forecast for your animal!

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If  White Metal Rat sounds like a head-banging hair band that is here to party and dominate success with a sold-out world tour where everyone makes money… well, it is. This year has incredibly auspicious energy that benefits all who are ready. No matter your zodiac animal, prepare for some prosperity!



As the Rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac, the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac turns over again. Fresh beginnings rule! Rat is the ultimate bringer of  the “new.” Like the color white, fresh snowfall, or the blank page, the Rat year will drape you in possibility.

We can all benefit from this symbol of renewal in the year of the Rat by reflecting on our past cycle of 12 years, setting intention for the next 12 years, and harnessing the energy of the auspicious Metal Rat by allowing for change without fear.


Thematically,  the Year of Rat means abundance and radiating fortune.

While Rat doesn’t get the best rap with its dirty, gritty, sewer-living in our associations, the Rat in Chinese Astrology is quite the opposite. Rats are incredibly adaptable, surviving against all odds, in any environment. All of us will benefit from this energetic influence of the rat. Go ahead and take some chances this year, even if things don’t go as planned, you will be able to rebound and survive.

Rats are resilient. In 2020, we can all embrace perseverance. This year of the Rat is Yang Metal and Water allowing for a general feeling of going with the flow and having plenty of strength to endure.


Metal represents success, productivity.  Its nature is to be organized, structured, willfully ambitious, and successful. It can build strong, new bridges and structures that may serve for decades to come.

If proper preparations have been taken, any ventures begun in Rat year should prosper. However, avoid risky ventures or behavior, it goes against the momentum of metal to be unpredictable, so take calculated risks this year but do so without fear. Do your homework, don’t just buy lottery tickets!

Medical Breakthroughs:

The 2020 year of the Rat may see a renewed interest in science and lead to medical breakthroughs. The metal element represents the lungs, immunity, intestines, sinuses, so don’t be surprised to see investments and interest in research for complex autoimmune diseases.

The yang energy of this year accentuates a drive in independence and confidence that we should use to harness and take charge of our own health. Advocate for you and your loved one’s healthcare, ask questions of medical providers and don’t be afraid to seek out second opinions and complementary care.

Actually, acupuncture is an excellent modality to increase the health in your life in 2020— tiny, metal swords that can move qi, create balance and healing. Years of hard work to move evidenced-based acupuncture into modern medical settings may see great breakthroughs in this year of the Rat.

Social Spirit:

2020 is a year to embrace a youthful spirit for all. Socially, we can benefit by empowering our younger generation’s new ideas and new plans. Their honor, courage, and loyalty will be tested and highlighted this year; a focus on their morals and they will put their ambitions to good use for all. There could be big social and political changes this year, with the year of the Rat theme of starting over and reinvention at the helm.

All can enjoy the power this mighty creature brings!

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