Pain Free Formula

Our Pain Free Formula is based on Yan Hu Suo Wan, a very effective classical Chinese formula to reduce any kind of pain without any addictive properties.

Our Pain Free Formula is based on Yan Hu Suo Wan, a very effective formula to reduce any kind of pain. Analgesic substances have long been sought after in every medical tradition. The ability to treat pain with non-addicitive substances is essential whenever possible. Acupunture and Chinese herbal medicine have great capacity to do this. According to Chinese medicine, pain results when there is qi and blood stagnation. This means that there is lack of movement and proper circulation. Immediately after and sometimes for years after, the body holds onto a physical injury/trauma. Proper circulation was never restored to the damaged tissue and pain is the result. Resolving qi and blood stagnation may help reduce pain at its source by rejuvinating injured issues and restoring normal circulation.

500mg  180 capsules per bottle

Recommended Dosage- 3 capsules, 2 times a day.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This formula helped control my low back pain so I could get off of the pain medication I had been using for ten years! – Robert A.

Ingredients: Organic Chinese Peony with Bark (Chi Shao), Organic Sparganium (San Leng), Organic Costus Root (Mu Xiang), Organic Corydalis Yanhusuo Tuber (Yan Hu Suo), Gelatin capsule.

The Herbs:

Organic Chinese Peony (red) with Bark (Chi Shao)

Also known as red peony. Chi Shao is one of two other peony species used in Chinese medicine with the others being white peony and tree peony. Chinese peony is used when there is lack of blood movement. Pain often results from lack of blood flow as muscles don’t get the nourishment they need.  In Chinese medicine lack of blood and energy flow is called stagnation and it can result from various conditions. Animal studies indicate that Chinese peony extract stops the clumping of red blood cells through a compound called paeoniflorin.

Organic Sparganium (San Leng)

Sparganium is an aquatic grass. There are about 200 varieties worldwide. It is used in Chinese medicine to invigorate blood flow, stop pain and promote flow of qi. It is often used after childbirth for its ability to stop pain and promote lactation. It should be avoided during pregnancy and times of heavy menstruation due to the fact that is promotes blood flow.

Organic Costus Root (Mu Xiang)

Costus Root is well known for its ability to decrease pain in the digestive system.

Organic Corydalis Yanhusuo Tuber (Yan Hu Suo)

Corydalis is one of the most effective pain relievers herbal medicine has to offer. It is known as Chinese aspirin. Corydalis promotes blood circulation and invigorates Qi making it an important herb for any kind of pain. The combined alkaloid constituents are about 40% as effective as morphine. Corydalis is non addictive. It is almost always combined in a formula with others herbs and should never be used during pregnancy or nursing. 

100% Natural: Free of artificial colors, flavors sweeteners, preservatives, fillers and binders.  

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Can I take this formula when I am pregnant? Breastfeeding?

This formula is not compatible with patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your healthcare provider for details.

How do I know that the herbs in this formula are organic?

We strive to use 100% USDA organic ingredients whenever possible. Some ingredients in Chinese herbalism are minerals, as opposed to vegetable, and therefore can not be certified organic by USDA. For our international customers, we have attained 100% BCS Oko-Garantie. This is a standard organic certification for the European Union. Its standards meet or exceed USDA certification requirements and certify for mineral ingredients.

Are there fillers in your formulas?

IAOM uses NO FILLERS, NONE. The ingredients listed on our label are the only ingredients in our bottle. Think this is common practice in the herbal industry? Think again.  

As the supplement industry is largely self regulated in the US, there is little to no regulation on how much actual herb is involved in an herbal supplement. Corn, wheat, rice, maltodextrin are all frequently used. Not only do these added ingredients adulterate the efficacy of the formula, but they are a source of hidden allergens in herbs.

How do we know that your herbs are non-toxic?

All of our herbs are grown in China. Whenever ingredients are imported from China, the US FDA requires they are proven for “safety”. The following methods of cleaning are acceptable, according to the FDA, for importation: radiation, sterilization, a chemical wash, sulfurization or ultraviolet rays. That’s right. If you are using Chinese herbs, they have previously gone through one of these processes in order to have cleared customs in the US. The herbs we use in our formulas were treated with UV rays, by far the safest way to ensure their efficacy.

Can I take this formula with other medications?

Our all-natural, Chinese herbal formulas are recommended without knowledge of your medications. Please consult your local healthcare provider before combining our products with your pharmaceutical medications.

  • Helpful for acute and chronic pain conditions
  • Relieves occasional toothache, joint pain, menstrual pain, epigastric pain.
  • Use after a traumatic injury such as sprain, strain or bruising to shorten recovery time and decrease pain.
  • Combine with a topical herbal liniment or plaster to reduce swelling and pain in injured area.
  • Recommended Dosage- 3 capsules, 2 times a day.

Price: $36.00