IA_Eastern_Calendar_Images-RecoveredHNY_2022_1YEAR OF THE WATER TIGER FORECAST

With 2022’s Tiger year resting in the water element, YEAR OF THE WATER TIGER  sounds like we’ve discovered a cryptid creature from the unknown jungle of the ocean. Yes indeed, in this Year of the Tiger, we can expect new discoveries of ourselves, whether it be new forms of wealth or fertility, or encounter big pushes of productivity.

In the Chinese zodiac wheel, the Tiger is the third animal in the 12-year cycle. In the Chinese zodiac story, Tiger was the third animal to arrive across the river in “the great race.” In other Chinese folklore, Tiger had been overlooked, pacing in the shadow of the lion. But the forceful, large cat was soon noticed as a warrior in the forest, combatting all triumphantly in its path.  This led the Jade Emperor to acknowledge the power of the brave tiger, so he sent it to its rightful place in the heavens and zodiacal calendar. 

Tigers abound in all sorts of stories (think the Tiger King phenomenon); They capture our imagination because they will never be dull or mediocre. So hello, my cats and kittens, I know

Tiger as an animal can be so full of force and merciless at times, but it’s best not to fear the year ahead! Let’s not forget that though Tigers hunt and are quick to pounce, they are also a symbol of power because they are bold and brave.  

Other Tiger years have been intense with actual explosions and history-altering events.

The recent underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga is very Water Tiger and an obvious precursor of what is to come. But keep in mind another theme is that of the Hero. So look for those doing extraordinary things, and engage when you can in spontaneous acts of help.

So let’s go heroes and sheroes! It is time to reap the rewards from the hard work of Ox Year 2021 and take Tiger fuel to feed those fruits. Bounce! Boom! We’re off!

Surging Energies

This may be Tiger’s main vibe. Your life could go either way up to new heights or down to some lows, much like a bouncing tiger. Think of it like high, volatile energy and then . . .napping, mellow energy. This will feel comfortable for some signs (tigers, horses, dogs) but challenging for others (monkeys).

Some things that will help with this: The last year of Metal OX 2021  included rebuilding a vibe that creates some security, such as the economy picking up and new medical innovations helping to create a new structure to our new normal. So we have built a foundation on top of the ruins that were in the Rat Year 2020. Now is simply the time to hold on!

Also, luckily Tiger gets tired by the end of the year, so while more motion may be on the immediate horizon, (with some cat naps making things quiet at times), there will be decreasing intensity mid-summer.


Expect change and new beginnings, Tiger year travelers! With Tiger years, there is an urgency that creates great change, so as we still struggle with the pandemic, work together. For this year offers growth for the whole group, (shout out to 2021’s Ox for the seeds and routines). Yes, Tigers hunt alone, but can help others work together with society and we need that – It’s been a jungle out there! 

While Oxen move quite slow and last year can seem awash in the current pandemic like it was too going slow and Water Tiger year will promote fast-moving feeling.  

In terms of personal change, if you were not pleased with changes or rebuilding that occurred under Ox, this is the time to tweak and iterate toward bigger goals. If you feel restless because you are indecisive, find methods that help you decide, like seeking coaches or subject experts or your community!

And if the year gets too intense, definitely look ahead to 2023, for the Rabbit year will lead to better forward motion and positive breakthroughs.


Tiger can appear to be bold, spontaneous leaps –so it is a great time to run with ambition. If you don’t go big, you may become prone to feeling restless… leading to exasperation, poor planning, or indecisive output like procrastination and rumination. There may be outbursts or added stress if you don’t take action.  

Tiger’s signature aura is wonderful: they will always provide services or aid to those less fortunate. Tiger will motivate the masses (while demonstrating independence), to be graceful in change. Like Ox, Tiger year can inspire leadership qualities, especially when it applies to group dynamics that create intentional growth. Donna Stellhorn calls Tiger “The Breath of the World”, wherein the breath represents naturally good communication. So be sure to collaborate and ask for help in your big endeavors. 

Medical Breakthroughs

As Tiger Year 2022 is a water year, the related organ system to water in the 5 Element theory is Kidneys. According to Chinese medicine, Kidneys govern reproduction, produce bone marrow, and influence growth and development. Focused medical attention by our physicians, scientists and researchers should naturally lean towards these advancements. Given that  Year of the Metal Ox 2021 was connected to Lungs, and sinuses – and that those are ideally less attacked by COVID-19 variant omicron, we do hope for a weakened virus this year with our Kidney energy helping to fortify our vitality. 

The Kidneys store our Jing Qi, or Vital Essence, which we pass on to our children. The Tiger year would be an ideal time to conceive with the energy of Tiger and Water to help efforts consummate. The Kidneys also house the Zhi, which is in charge of mental drive, determination and courage. An opportune year for medical projects that have been in development for many years or decades to have major breakthroughs. 

As a Yang year, we can move our treatment and  attention towards activity, movement, and change. This may lead to quick moving solutions in medicine and even cures. 

The Yang energy of this year suggests a dynamic of change and forward motion. To stay steady and ready for all this change and energy, Acupuncture is an excellent modality to increase the health in your life in 2022.

Social Spirit

Tiger year 2022 is a fierce one on the global scale, one with big leaps in the big picture. Since publicly, this can look like social unrest, such as political upheaval, or war. Expect the disruption to quiet after the first half of the year. There may be rebellions or large resistances and other freedom-seeking behaviors. . .but ones that could result in positive change. It is a good time to think about who we are, and where we want to go.