Yin Care

A combination of 14 highly concentrated herbs treasured for their anti-pathogenic properties, Yin Care is easy to use and will considerably expand your treatment options for a wide range of conditions.

In the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, Yin care is designed for use in the treatment of damp, damp-heat, toxic heat, and wind-type pathogenic factors. In biomedical terms, Yin care is formulated primarily for external use in the treatment of skin conditions and gynecological infections due to viral, bacterial, fungal or yeast-type microbial pathogens.

Composition of Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash

Yin-care Herbal Wash is both a water-based extraction and an essential oil-based extraction of the herbs.

  • Hypoallergenic,Medical Grade Fragrance
  • Maintains Healthy Micro-biome
  • Herbal, Ancient Taoist Formula
  • Contains Both Extracts and Essential Oils of the Below Listed Herbs
  • Commonly Helps: Skin itching, swelling, skin lesion, skin inflammation, burns

Use for Skin Conditions:

Dermatological Symptoms: General fungal, bacterial and viral infections including (but not limited to) rashes, dermatitis, acne, foot fungus, shingles, cold sore and sty. Toxic heat afflictions such as poison oak/ivy and insect bite. Excess type skin eruptions such as some varieties of eczema and psoriasis.

Mix (5-100%) herbal concentrate with various amounts of water into a solution, apply directly to skin as a wash, compress or sitz bath, 2-3x day.


Use for Gynecology:

Gynecological Symptoms: vaginitis, leucorrhea, vulvovaginitis, cervicitis, cervical dysplasia, gonorrhea, as well as general inflammations, infections and itching.

Mix 5-20% concentrate with water, rinse 2-3x day, 5-6 days a course of treatment.  For more serious vaginal conditions, soak tampon with 50% concentration mixture and insert for 3-5 hours 1-2x days, 6 days as course of treatment.

How It Works:

Dries and transform dampness, clears heat and toxin, purges fire, cools blood, disperses wind and stops itching, reduces swelling, detoxifies skin lesions and promotes circulation.

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Contains 14 Extracted Herbs and Their Essential Oils

Cnidium (She Chuang Zi)
Mentha (Bo He)
Lonicera (Jin Yin Hua)
Gardenia (Zhi Zi)
Phellodendron (Huang Bai)
Scutellaria (Huang Qin)
Sophora (Ku Shen)
Kochia (Di Gu Zi)
Artemisia (Yin Chen Hao)
Angelica (Du Huo)
Atractylodes (Can Zhu)
Acorus (Shi Chang Pu)
Artemisia (Ai Ye)
Pseudolarix (Tu Jing Pi)

Emulsifier derived from coconut oil, food grade preservative derived from organic acid (potassium sorbate), hypoallergenic fragrance

Not for oral/ingestible application. In rare instances, skin sensitive patients may react to this product in concentrations above 5%

PLEASE NOTE – This product has a printed date of “expiry” of “10.16.23”. Please READ HERE for more information prior to purchase. We are comfortable selling it to you, and we want YOU to be comfortable with it too. This is the ONLY batch we have currently.

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