One of the most common frustrations for those suffering from depression is the lack of motivation to do regular daily activities. It may feel like an inability to find enjoyment and an overwhelming amount of negative thoughts. Unfortunately, a cure for depression is not the “mind over matter” mindset. Thankfully, there are still treatment options that will significantly improve depression. Depression is not an illness that one should have to suffer through alone. Treatment and therapy can be crucial to the healing process back to better health.

Research Shows Acupuncture May Relieve Depression

Studies have been done which demonstrate the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating stress and how it may relieve depression. But a recent study by University of New York researchers shows that acupuncture is successful for treating patients who do not respond to regular treatment.

The study demonstrated that acupuncture affected gene expression in patients who did not respond to regular depression medication. This provided positive results for the patients. The study found that acupuncture can affect brain biochemistry to regulate the gene expression related to depression.

With depression affecting approximately 20 million people in the United States alone, advancements in our understanding of acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment to regular medication is a huge step forward. Therefore, if you or someone you know suffers from depression and regular medication simply doesn’t cut it, consult a doctor about acupuncture.

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acupressure for anxietyLocation: On the crease of your inner wrist towards the ulnar (pinky finger) side. Feel for a hollow place at the base of the pisiform bone. 

How does it help?: HT7 is often used to strengthen the heart and nourish qi and blood. This pressure point also settles anxiety/worrisome emotions and also quiets the mind. It helps with sleep disturbances and emotional stress. And acupuncture releases tightness in the chest and even aids with heart palpitations.