A hot stone massage is a massage that utilizes rocks heated to deliver a warming experience into the body. Special rocks have been chosen that have been tumbled by the action of water to have a smooth rounded appearance, allowing them to glide with ease over the soft sections of the body. We chose basalt rocks because they have thermal mass and retain heat. We then heat them up in a hot water bath to a temperature between 125 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Once removed from the water, they are dried off and rubbed with oil and tested to make sure they are of a safe temperature. Next they are rubbed over the back and arms and legs to deliver one of the most relaxing, lovely massages.


Do the Hot Stones lay on my bare skin? Wouldn’t that burn me?


So many pictures advertising hot stones show a person laying still with hot rocks placed on them. This is not as common anymore. More common, is to use the hot stones as tools to deliver penetrating heat to problem areas in the body – like knots or areas of pain. These areas usually respond to heat by relaxing and easing the tension they may have carried for awhile. Because they are constantly moving, the stones may feel warm but should not ever feel like they are burning. Instead, they leave a wake of relaxation in their path.


Hot Stone Massage for Relaxation


The warmth of a hot stone massage is very conducive to shifting the nervous system from that ‘day-late-and-dollar-short’ kind of stressful status to one of restful calm relaxation. It can soothe tired shoulders or low backs. It can soften up muscles so that the therapeutic work is more effective.


Hot stone massage is not recommended for people who are pregnant or who have heat-sensitive conditions.


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