How Much Does a Massage Cost in Montpelier and Williston, Vermont?


The cost of a massage in Montpelier and Williston, Vermont can vary according to the setting and the practitioner. The cost of an hour massage can be as low as $65 or range up to $165, depending on if you drive to one of the spas in the area. I’ve listed here some of the factors which effect the cost.


Massage Costs: Advanced Training / Certifications and Experience


Practitioners often charge more if they can provide specialized services. These skills are learned through advanced training and often require a considerable investment of time and money to become proficient. As such, the fee for providing this service is often higher than the baseline massage.  In Vermont, licensure is not required to offer massage therapy.  You can imagine someone with no investment in massage therapy school can charge less for a massage then someone who has spent up to a full year in massage therapy school and in addition keeps up with continuing education for specialty areas.


Physical Strength Required


Deep Tissue massage often requires more physicality than a regular relaxation massage. There is only a limited number of deep tissue massages a therapist can do in a day and therefore a premium is often charged.


Massage Costs: Space


Think about the effect of environment on your massage experience.  Noise, light, smells all effect your ability to deeply relax.  A therapist seeing clients out of their home where there may or may not be wheelchair access, smells from the home kitchen, noises of home phones and children provides a different type of environment.  This massage may cost less then a spa massage.  Spas often invest a lot of resources into making the space very upscale and outfitted in the latest whole-room showers for body treatments, hydro therapies, locker rooms, light food prep etc. As such, there is often a premium price associated with this environment.  Where I practice, at Integrative Acupuncture in Montpelier and Williston, Vermont, we offer handicapped accessible massage therapy rooms, a clean and welcoming environment, a receptionist to answer phone calls and book your appointments, billing services for worker’s compensation, auto claims and insurance on your behalf, a quiet and relaxing ambience.


Massage Costs: Products Used


Some spas import their oils from Italy… Some use a local provider. This will effect the cost of the massage.  At Integrative Acupuncture we use organic oils and often create custom essential oils blends for use during your massage.  We offer hot stones, heated wraps and eye pillows for comfort too.  We support local businesses, like Lunaroma in Burlington, Vermont for our soaps and essential oils.  This will all effect the quality and efficacy of your massage and we strive to offer the best.


In general, the difference in massage costs in Montpelier and Williston, Vermont between providers is less of a factor than how good a fit there is between your needs and the massage therapist’s skill. You want to walk out of the office feeling like your needs were addressed in a respectful, skilled manner and you feel better.  Massages at Integrative Acupuncture start at $20 for a 15 minute massage.  We also offer full body 50 minute massages for $70 and complete relaxation at 80 minutes for $90.  Give us a call and invest in your self!