Many people will add in a massage when on vacation to pamper themselves. This is a wonderful way to transition from the hyper speed of the work week to the more relaxed and peaceful pace of vacation. Having a massage scheduled at the beginning of this break can really help you get the most rejuvenation from your restorative time off.


While it may seem obvious to indulge yourself a bit on vacation and visit a new place for a massage, there are also many reasons to keep that habit going when you return. There are many benefits to having a massage right here in Vermont, even if you aren’t on vacation.


The day to day stress of sitting in front of a computer can often create patterns of stress and strain in your body, especially in the back, shoulders, and neck. Additionally, with so much mousing and texting, our arms, wrists, and hands can also develop fatigue and knots at the end of a long hard day. Perhaps not as obvious are the tight leg muscles and glute muscles. All of this can add up to some uncomfortable sleepless nights. Massage and acupuncture can combine to help with some of these patterns and support moving to a less painful evening with less tossing and turning, and trying to sleep.


In addition, massage can help with the stress that one can often feel working in a very busy environment. When we are feeling anxious and stressed and are moving at a rapid pace to accomplish our work goals, the body can react in the same as if it is faced with an eminent attack from a saber tooth tiger. When considerable amounts of time is spent in this state, the cumultative effects of chronic stress can really add up. Massage can reset the nervous system back to being in that more calm and peaceful state where optimal performance is more likely.