Massage During A Cold or Flu?

By 09/29/2016 July 6th, 2017 Massage

Should you get a massage when you have a cold or flu?


Welcome to fall, outdoor projects almost done, check, kids back in school, check, changing weather, colds and flu, check-check!

The morning of your massage you wake up, with puffy eyes, a runny nose, and then that awful cough.

Though massage is great for circulation and an immunity booster when you are well, it can have the opposite effect during an illness. Increased circulation can spread the virus throughout your body making you feel worse, sore, and sometimes extend the length of your illness. The good news is that this usually will only take place during the acute stages of your illness (first 2-3 days).


When to cancel / postpone your massage:


– If you’ve had, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea within the past 24hrs, or if you are still feeling the residual effects of these symptoms.

– If you have had a fever within the past 24hrs, or fever related symptoms (chills, aches, and fatigue). The fever is a good sign that your body is fighting the virus and should be left alone to do its job.

– If you know you are contagious

– If you are in your first few days (acute stages) of your illness.


Massage is an excellent ally in you fight against colds and flu


The best way to fight against a cold and the flu is prevention, massage does a great job in this matter.  A better idea during an acute cold or flu, is to reschedule your massage for an acupuncture appointment, get some herbs to boost the immune system and rest.