Dewy Fruit is a Sensory Lubricant for vaginal dryness, caused by Yin deficiency, blood deficiency and /or low estrogen. It is for symptoms of dryness, low libido, cramping, reduced sensation, difficulty reaching orgasm, vaginismus, anxiety during sexual intimacy and infertility. As a sensory lubricant, it works for everyone involved, all genders. You may experience increased fireworks after 15mins.

Dewy Fruit’s Organic cacao butter fruits are pesticide free with premium Chinese herbs and natural actives:

  • Natural Vitamin E from non GMO sunflower seeds
  • Select Probiotics to support a healthy vaginal pH and biome
  • Dang Gui C02 extract plus our blend of 5 Chinese herbs
  • Supports healthy vaginal fluids and natural dew response
  • Enhances sensory experience for all bodies
  • NOT suitable for use with latex condoms, as oils may break down the latex

THIS PRODUCT IS A TOPICAL LUBRICANT.  STORE BELOW 85F /30 C – CHOCOLATE MELTS! *Shipped with cold pack insulation when sent to warmer locations. We delay shipping if the destination temperature exceeds 85F that week.

Dewy Fruit are designed for vaginal dryness and other symptoms caused by Yin deficiency, blood deficiency and / or low estrogen. Usually these patterns are present or combined when there is vaginal dryness. Another unpleasant side effect of dryness is that there is also a reduced natural response to pleasure. As a sensory lubricant, it can work for everyone involved. You may experience increased fireworks after 15mins.

When To Use Dewy Fruit:

For symptoms of dryness, low libido, cramping, reduced sensation, difficulty reaching orgasm, vaginismus, anxiety during sexual intimacy and infertility.

For gynecology patterns with dryness, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, estrogen deficiency, jing deficiency, or blood stagnation.

Why Does Dewy Fruit Work as a Natural Herbal Lubricant?

dewey fruit

Chocolate has been associated with sensory luxuries and enhanced pleasures for good reason because it contains many actives associated with pleasure. One active lipid that we find in raw cacao butter is a neurochemical called anandamide.

The molecule anandamide is named after the Sanskrit word Ananda, meaning bliss.

This molecule is also naturally formed in the brain, and it connects to one of your most pleasurable binding sites, the cannabinoid receptor. This binding site is coupled to nitric oxide release, and nitric oxide release is connected to improving your sexual experience, or “having better sex”.

Anandamide is also considered the body’s own anti-depressant, so if we look at the increased potential for depression with blood deficiency and low estrogen, combined with vaginal dryness impacting a healthy sex life or gynecology, Dewy Fruit brings more than just a nice chocolate smell.

Ingredients of Natural Herbal Lubricant

Dewy Fruit is 100% non GMO and Gluten Free.

Cacao butter, *vitamin E (natural mixed tocopherols from sunflower seeds), *dang gui CO2 extract (radix angelica sinensis), *dang gui (radix angelica sinensis), *shan yao (radix dioscorea), *sha shen (glenhiae radix), *wu wei zi (schisandra chinensis), **yin yang huo (epimedii herba), *proprietary probiotic blend.

** Certified Organic ingredient.
* Pesticide Free ingredient.
^ Fair Trade ingredient.

Aroma of Dewy Fruit

dewy fruit

The rich chocolate liqueur smell of this fair trade, organic, raw Peruvian Cacao butter stimulates your purrr response via olfactory receptors, without even being eaten. (Please do not eat Dewy Fruit pieces. A few licks won’t kill you. See more information below). The smell of Dewy Fruit is this amazingly earthy Dang Gui – Chocolate aroma that is quite aphrodisiac. Most other oils, like coconut oil, are not suitable for use on the vagina because they interfere with pH or biome. We wanted to mention coconut oil here due to it’s popularity and antibacterial qualities, which can put your vaginal biome out of balance. We believe cacao butter is the best option.

Directions for Dewy Fruit

STORE DEWY FRUIT BELOW 85F/ 30C. They will melt on skin contact, or if warm enough. If they do melt in the jar into one piece, you can still use the Dew. Break it up into smaller pieces again to extract it from the jar using a teaspoon. Don’t double dip.

APPLY by melting one piece on the exterior of your genitals. Vaginas may experience more natural dewy response with regular use (1-3 x per week). Everyone involved may experience more fireworks after approximately 15 minutes.

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5% of profits from Dewy Fruit sales from the manufacturer, Bio HerboloQi LLC, are donated to organizations that assist women, children and men to heal and recover from sexual abuse. In addition,  organizations that assist sexual health education. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease.