Acupressure for Morning Sickness- PC 6

Another patient has reported a successful pregnancy with Acupuncture.  Great news!  Now what?  After a course of treatments to for fertility  weekly acupuncture to decrease side effects of pregnancy during the first trimester is recommended.  A common complaint is nausea and vomiting during weeks 6-12 of pregnancy.  We provide recommendations for diet along with acupuncture to help our patients enjoy this often long awaited joyful time.  We also teach acupressure points for use at home, such as Pericardium 6.

Pericardium 6, or PC 6, is a point located on the inside of the wrist useful for many different stomach issues including morning sickness, hiccups, motion sickness, food poisoning or stomach bugs.  We’ve used this point frequently at National Life Cancer Treatment Center at Central Vermont Medical Center for side effects of chemotherapy and on board cruise ships for motion sickness.
This point has been studied in many scientific publications, including this from PubMed.
You can easily access this point yourself for nausea.  From the inside of your wrist go 2 fingers width up the midline, about 2 inches.  If you make a fist, you may be able to even see an indentation between your tendons right in the middle of your arm.  That’s the point!  Apply firm pressure for at least 2 minutes when you feel nausea and you you should be feeling better soon.
We also LOVE Lunaroma’s Mother’s Morning Inhaler, a natural blend of essential oils to breathe in for nausea relief.
For regular prevention of stomach issues, come in for a visit where we can adjust your diet and recommend herbs for your specific issue.
PC6 pericardium 6