It is easy to get lost in the fast pace of modern life and let negativity infect. Most of the time it’s not even noticeable it’s happening.

Complaining that problems are beyond control, blaming others, being overly critical are signs that negativity is taking over.

Negativity Is an Imbalance in Energy

Emanate negative energy and people can sense it. Even when it’s difficult to notice, negativity is understood subconsciously. When things just aren’t going well, how it’s dealt with it is part of what defines you. Trying to externalize problems and blame them on other people  and quickly find people disappear. There is hope for everyone though. We can all learn to balance our energy and find a way to positivity.

Gratitude is an Attitude

The first and most important step to positivity is gratitude. Be grateful for everything not just the things that go right. Some people are only grateful when things are going well and take credit for the good and pass off the bad. Gratitude is an integral piece to the puzzle of positivity. Without feeling grateful for the simple things there will always be a feeling of wanting more; which leads to blame.


Bring In The Positivity Vibes

The concept of good and bad energy may sound too woo-woo to some people. Some people choose not to view the world through a spiritual lens. Positivity and negativity aren’t concepts that can only be understood through that lens though. Just looking at the world and see positivity and negativity on people’s faces or in the way they walk. Sometimes it’s hard to see it int he mirror. When someone is having a great day, doesn’t it show? See it in eyes, or a bounce in the steps. It takes effort and motivation to see that we can all achieve that contentment through positivity. Take responsibility for actions and gratefully embrace all the good and the bad that life has to offer.

If you’re not wasting your energy being unhappy, sulking or blaming the world for what you don’t have then you can invest that energy positively and see some incredible results. Your work will flourish, you relationships will benefit as well and you’ll have even more to be grateful for. Take those first steps and motivate yourself to make the changes.