Gift Certificates

Have you been recommending our office to friends and family for years and just can’t get them to make an appointment?

We offer gift certificates for all of our services including massage and acupuncture gift certificates.

Our massage menu includes: hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage and medical spot massage.  We offer massage in 15, 25, 50 and 80 minute sessions.

We offer acupuncture sessions for most health conditions as well as general wellness and stress management.

Acufacial Rejuvenation is available to reduce fine lines, tone skin, and even coloring in the face.  We take a holistic look at the body to determine how to make long lasting changes to facial problem areas.  We use micro acupuncture needles along with herbal facial masks to create a relaxing and effective treatment.

Through May 9, receive a complementary box of 4 delicious, chocolate truffles from Nutty Steph’s with the purchase of any 50 minute or more massage and acupuncture gift certificates.