What are the benefits of having hot stone massage therapy in Vermont?


The day to day challenge of sitting in front of a computer can often create patterns of stress in your body, especially in the back and neck. Frequent texting or bending the neck to look at the keyboard can put a strain on already sore muscles. Poor posture or workspace setup can exacerbate already existing issues. In addition, stress in the workplace tends to be carried in the body in common areas like the neck and back. Then along comes winter! What happens in the winter when we brace against the cold? We tend to scrunch our shoulders up towards our ears and then forget to let them come back down when we are warm. Lets add a little holiday stress into the mix too. All this can lead to a real need for some muscular relief!


Hot Stone Massage to the Rescue!


Just in time for the season, hot stone massage can really bring some warmth back into those bones. For those people who can never seem to get warm until spring comes again, hot stone massage can be a lovely way to come out of hibernation. Like stepping out on a cold day but into the sunlight… with the suns rays warming your body against the cold. Hot stone is the next best thing on those cold gray days we have often throughout the winter here in the northeast. It feels wonderful and luxurious.


When working with tight and sore areas, hot stone massage can drive heat into the tired muscles and help them to relax. This not only gives immediate relief but also allows the therapist to work deeper and less painfully to get into those areas which need attention. It can make a session more effective with less uncomfortable to the client. People really seem to love hot stones!


So… What exactly is involved in a hot stone massage?


A Hot Stone Massage uses stones especially selected for their abilities to absorb heat and then give it to the body. The stones are smooth and rounded, often from long times of tumbling in the ocean or other bodies of water. They are usually made of basalt – an igneous rock formed from the cooling and solidification of molten magma or lava. Rest assured, we don’t use rocks that hot!


We gently reheat the stones in a water bath until just the right temperature. We hold each one in our hand and oil it up, allowing a smoother glide. As the rock is moved over your skin, it gives up its warmth to the tissue it touches and allows a deep penetrating heat to warm the area. This can feel like heaven! You are always welcome to tell us if the temperature is too hot or too cold for you. As always, we tailor the massage for you – no two massages are ever alike.


Come on in today to our practice in Montpelier and Williston, Vermont for a hot stone massage and experience this bliss. It can be a great part of your wellness program for the winter.