Abby Issacs from WPTZ joined Kerry Jenni at Integrative Acupuncture in Montpelier and Williston to discuss cupping therapy on 8/09/16


MONTPELIER, Vt —With the appearance of cupping at the Olympics, a Vermont acupuncturist is experiencing increased interest

“This year, there’s been a huge surge of people calling about it and asking about it,” acupuncturist Kerry Jenni said. “It’s great.”

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UnknownCupping is a Chinese pain therapy, used mostly for back and shoulder pain. Using glass cups and fire, it creates suction.

“We’re creating a message to the body to heal this area, so blood is coming to the area to heal micro tears,” Jenni said.

Jenni said it’s particularly helpful for Olympic athletes because it is natural.

“Olympic athletes overuse their muscles in such an extreme way that the circulation of blood to their muscles is reduced,” Jenni said.

John Haynes gets the procedure done a few times a month to help his shoulder.

“It’s very soothing. It’s the suction you get from the glass and you don’t feel any pain,” Haynes said.

The signature circular marks remain for three of four days, and Jenni said they don’t hurt.