CUPPING, Kerry Jenni L.Ac. appeared on Burlington’s WCAX on August 11, 2016 to discuss cupping. 


Michael Phelps is killing it in Rio.  The 31-year old Olympian has won three golds — upping his lifetime Olympic medal count to 25.

Thursday he competes for gold again in the 200-meter individual medley.  Because he’s such a star, anything Phelps does gets noticed… especially when he shows up to compete with red circular bruises all over his body.

Turns out, those bruise are remnants of cupping — an ancient therapy that supposedly helps improve circulation and reduces pain.

Kerry Jenni joined us live to educate us on this healing technique.  She practices acupuncture and cupping in Montpelier and Williston.

For more information on cupping, visit www.acupunctureinvermont.com



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