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Spring Into Action

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For at least 50 million people in the United States, Spring’s first bloom means the beginning of seasonal allergies. This is when exposure to pollen causes an inflammatory reaction in the body, which releases histamine to fight the irritant by flushing it out.

Congestion? Swelling? Coughing? These are the symptoms of your histamines doing their work. However, they can overdo it, which is why people often turn to over-the-counter antihistamines to manage symptoms. Because antihistamines often have symptoms of their own, here are IAOM’s natural remedies to keep in your toolbox (and pantry!) in case of flare-ups:

Acupuncture works with your body’s neurohormonal pathways to stimulate specific nerves and release biochemicals. How does this affect your sniffles? Well, the release of these feel-good chemicals decreases inflammation.

Essential Oil Products:

Breathe Clear Inhaler

Great for keeping in your pocket, this product is used intranasal, just take a big inhalation and feel your sinuses clear up. Useful for work or other times that you don’t want other people to smell your oils.

Sinus Balm

A powerful balm that can be used under the nose or inside the nose clears the sinuses right up and keep them clean. Can be used preventatively as well.

Breath Deep Rub

Very helpful for opening up the nose and the lungs. Rub this balm on the lungs and upper back to breathe deep and clear. Helpful for any lung issues, including bronchitis and pneumonia, a great treatment for kids too.

Sea Mist Nasal Spray

If you have benefitted from other sprays for your allergies, you might like this essential oil mist. Just spray up the nose and feel it clear out right away.

Sinus Clear Roll-On

Our roll-on products are great for on the go and keep your hands free of oils. A lovely and effective roll on to specifically apply to the sinus you need to clear up, be it eyebrows, sides of nose, temples or cheeks. Helps with headaches too.


Herbal Products:

Allergy Formula

We developed this formula based on traditional Chinese medical theory and modern symptoms of allergies. Patients have reported very quick relief from seasonal allergy symptoms and for chronic conditions.




Xanthium Nasal Formula

We use this formula for inflammatory, acute nasal congestion with red eyes and burning sensations.

Viola Clear Fire Formula

When sinus congestion leads to a sinus infection, we turn to this formula.  Antibacterial and antifungal this combination of herbs helps with fever, sore throat and persistent sinus infection.

We recommend coming in for a visit to find the specific herbal product that is best for you and your condition, and as always do not start herbal products without consulting a health care provider to assure there are no contraindications with medications you may be taking.

If your symptoms persist, take note of your surroundings: protect yourself from mold and dust (this may mean nixing the carpet!), change vent and furnace filters, stay away from smoke, throw out unnatural fragrances and cleaning supplies, and invest in a dehumidifier.





March Forward

One more hour of sunlight may not sound too disruptive (What’s one less hour of sleep?), but your body and its circadian clock feel the difference and begin their process of transition every time the clock gets unset– whether from jet lag, an irregular sleep schedule, or from Daylight Savings Time (DST).

The Monday after DST in Spring sees an increase in traffic accidents and workplace injuries. Maybe this explains why the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) declared Monday, March 10, “Insomnia Awareness Day.”

Our 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, which guides the body’s clock and circadian rhythms, reacts to light, which controls our production of Melatonin, a hormone that makes us sleepy. Daylight inhibits melatonin production and darkness triggers it.

How your body adapts to one extra hour of light and one less hour of sleep, depends on you – your habits, your diet, and your lifestyle. If you already keep a good sleep schedule, then a slight adjustment to your bedtime and to your morning alarm should be enough for a smooth transition.

If your sleep-wake cycle has you sleep-deprived already, then DST will make its negative impact, with an increase in insomnia, concentration, and fatigue. In these cases, sleep and self-care aren’t the only things we can do before the body and its clock resync to their environment, acupuncture can help.

An “acu-nap” can help your body adjust to time changes and reduce insomnia symptoms. It also helps to spend time outside acclimating to the daylight.

Our New Williston Location!

We are now open in Williston, Vermont.

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373 Blair Park Rd

Williston, VT 05495

Phone: 802-876-7187

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

10 am – 4 pm

Champlain Valley Exposition

Essex Junction, Vermont

Come say hi. There will be raffle prizes!
On-the-spot treatments, and so much more!

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“Integrative Acupuncture is an absolute gem. Everyone is so helpful and kind. To me it seems that Kerry has this vast wealth of knowledge and experience and is willing to assist her clients to whatever level they wish to go. The acupuncture treatments are comfortable and relaxing…I leave my visits with a sense of balance and well being, euphoria even. There are products and information available as well, to encourage and support our optimal health. What an exceptional resource for our community!”

Elizabeth – Montpelier

Thank you so much for your reviews of Integrative Acupuncture! If you’re feeling inspired, we appreciate your reviews as we launch our new practice in Williston and introduce ourselves to a new community, thank you!



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