Migraines are a very common ailment with many different symptoms and degrees of severity. In fact, it’s estimated that about 39 million people in the United States suffer from migraines. They are recurring headaches with moderate to severe pain, and usually occur in a specific area of the head. While most headaches are minor and short-lived, migraines are debilitating–often forcing the individual to reschedule plans and miss work.

To make matters worse, many doctors and physicians prescribe medications to migraine sufferers that come with harmful side effects.

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It may be better for those inflicted with this condition to explore all options, including natural and drug free remedies. Some of the best natural treatments for migraines include improving nutrition, acupuncture, vitamins and supplements, and improving air quality.


Foods can actually be triggering for up to half of migraine sufferers. If you aren’t sure which foods are provoking your flare-ups, try keeping a journal! Write down every food you eat, every beverage you drink, and every time you experience a migraine. Doing so will help you identify a connection between specific foods and migraines. For instance, gluten may trigger a migraine if you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. Or perhaps the presence of artificial food coloring is triggering your migraines.

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Vitamin B2

According to one study, migraine sufferers who took 400 mg of riboflavin (a type of vitamin B2) reported fewer migraines after just 3 months. This water-soluble vitamin also plays a key role in maintaining energy levels and fighting fatigue.


Acupuncture has been used to treat headaches and migraines for hundreds of years, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down anytime soon. Even The American Headache Society recommends the use of acupuncture for treating migraines. They attest to its positive effects for this condition.

How does acupuncture work? The practice involves placing thin needles in specific areas of the body to stimulate the individual’s life force (Qi). The general belief is that stagnant Qi leads to illnesses (including migraines). Therefore, correcting these blockages and restoring Qi to its normal working order will treat migraines.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improving air quality is another way to help reduce the amount of migraines one suffers from. Low-quality indoor air has been linked to an increase of migraines. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced indoor air pollution as being one of the top five environmental hazards. You can improve the air quality in your home or workplace, however, by cleaning the ductwork, changing the air filter on a regular basis, opening the windows, and adding plants.


If you would like to learn more about how these natural methods can help improve migraines, contact us with any questions or concerns! You can also call us or schedule online to book an appointment.

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