From the wildfires to the recent flooding, we are witnessing first hand how changing weather patterns can have devastating effects on local communities. And while these environmental crises can have lasting consequences, we’ve also seen an incredible display of humanity and resiliency as we work to rebuild from this destruction.
In the days and weeks following these historic floods, it’s important we take care of ourselves while we take care of our community. There is a notion in Chinese Medicine that we as humans are a microcosm of the greater natural world around us. This is the macrocosm.
This means that when major environmental shifts occur, it is not uncommon for us to feel the effects in our bodies. This may show up as heightened anxiety, headaches due to changes in barometric pressure, or new aches and pains in response to the physical demands of responding to damages. Whatever the case may be, acupuncture has been shown to be an effective tool in helping people cope with the emotional and physical stress following natural disasters, public health events, and even the Covid-19 pandemic. Please know,

We are open and ready to support you as we work through this event.

Acupressure To Support The Nervous System Post Flood


Here are some powerful points you can apply acupressure to at home to self soothe and help regulate your body. Apply firm pressure to each point, and gently massage in a small, circular motion. We recommend applying pressure to each point for a minimum of 30 seconds.


This acupuncture point is located on the inside of the forearm, about 3 fingers-width from the wrist crease. The point lies between two tendons. Apply pressure to this point for regulating the nervous system in cases of stress or anxiety. This is also an extremely effective point to apply pressure to in cases of nausea.

Large Intestine-4

This point, located on the hand, is midway off the metacarpal bone of the index finger. This is a great point to apply pressure to for pain anywhere in the body, but especially for headaches. Avoid stimulation of this point in pregnancy.


This point helps to open the chest, and treat issues in the head and neck, such as headaches or a stiff neck. Connecting to the Lung channel can provide support as we navigate varying levels of air quality. You can find this point on the inner forearm, about the width of two fingers distance up from the wrist crease, and on the same side as your thumb. The point is just above a bone called the styloid process. The Lungs in Chinese Medicine are also connected to the emotion of grief, and so stimulating this point can help our bodies process this emotion in times of despair.


Yin Tang

This point is located directly between the eyebrows, and is said to calm the spirit. This is another widely used point for anxiety. It is also beneficial for relieving headaches. Massaging or tapping this point can help to quiet the mind.
We hope this is helpful in providing some relief as we navigate the ongoing effects of this recent natural disaster. Whatever may be showing up for you, we are here to support your health and well being. To start your journey to overall wellness, you can book your first or follow-up consultation here!