Yoga and Acupuncture

Down Dog Pose Tree Pose Warrior pose Wheel Pose

4 Acu Yoga Poses to Improve Energy Flow


Meridian Yoga or Acu Yoga is a form of yoga that actively works with the same meridian system as acupuncture. This form of yoga uses poses to activate and balance energy in the 14 meridian paths. These meridian paths are known as the energy pathways in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they allow your body and energy to flow and function properly. Acu Yoga will improve the function of your organs and allow your body to be in its healthiest state physically and mentally. We will be exploring the yoga and acupuncture connection at a women’s retreat this September in Plymouth, Vermont, check it out and join us.

Below are a few of many yoga poses that can increase your energy flow just like yoga and acupuncture.


  1. Downward dog    

Down Dog Pose

In your yoga practice, downward dog can always be the home base pose. It is a staple that can be used in almost every yoga practice.


This pose focuses on the arms and shoulder meridians, which can improve heart and lung function. Increased function of these organs can help fight against allergies, viruses, anxiety and trouble sleeping. Downward dog can also help digestion and allows for increased blood flow.


  1. Warrior II

Warrior pose

Warrior II focuses on the lymphatic system and the hips and knees. The emphasis on these joints are related to the gall bladder, spleen and stomach meridians. These organs help the lymphatic system by increasing digestion and immune fluid.



  1. Wheel and other backbends

Wheel Pose

Wheel and other backbends can effectively and sometimes very intensely stretch the stomach and spleen meridians. This pose can help prevent your body from acid reflux, heartburn and other stomach issues.


  1. Tree pose

Tree Pose

Tree pose is a standard balancing pose that can be adapted based on your skill level. It focuses on the small intestine meridian and increases abdominal circulation. Tree pose can also calm and relax the mind and nervous system, bringing more self-awareness.


We have an upcoming retreat focused just on yoga and acupuncture.  Join us on September 11-13 in Plymouth, Vermont to experience yoga and acupuncture together.

Contact us to learn more on how yoga and acupuncture can pair together and begin a path to better health!