Spring into Spring


In Chinese medicine each organ is connected to a season. Spring is connected to the liver. Although it may not seem like it, spring is just around the corner. The energy of spring is waking up in the earth and in us. This is a powerful energy to harness. In Chinese medicine the energy of the liver can helps us to make goals and plans. It gives us that forward momentum to move through life. Think of a seed sprouting through the dark soil. The energy of the liver is about growth, movement, and expansion. When it is out of balance we feel thwarted and stuck. We may feel emotionally stagnant, depressed, and unable to see the big picture. The energy of the liver is especially sensitive to stress as it helps us regulate our emotions, especially anger.


In the coming weeks notice if you are feeling angry, or impatient. This is a sign that your body/mind is experiencing stress and could benefit from acupuncture. Many patients who come to acupuncture for wellness, come at times when the season is changing. During these times of the year the energy in nature is turbulent and therefore can make us feel unstable as well. Acupuncture can help balance the body and decrease stress so that you can better adapt to your environment.


At Home Acupressure

One very helpful acupuncture/acupressure point that you can massage at home to help with any emotional upset, to calm stress and ease seasonal transition into spring is Liver 3. Liver 3 is located on the foot about two finger widths above the place where your big and second toe join. With your finger or thumb apply firm deep pressure for 5-20 seconds daily.