Earth day is a time in which we celebrate the marvelous planet we are lucky enough to inhabit, but Earth day shouldn’t be the only time you appreciate Mother Earth. You should strive to be consistent in your earth-friendly habits and make sure to treat the planet the same every day, not just on its holiday. Here are four ways you can treat the planet better and make Mother Earth smile.

Watch the water.Try and eliminate your use of water as much as you can. Humans waste a ton of water a day and it is easy to cut down on water waste. Some simple solutions to this are turning off your water while you brush your teeth, checking for leaks in faucets and stopping them, turning off the water in between doing the dishes and not over-watering your lawn

Turn in the keys for a pair of hiking boots…or a bike. The bottom line here is to cut your greenhouse gas emissions you are producing. In order to do this switch to an alternative form of transportation such as biking or walking.

Turn off the lights! Make sure not to waste energy and turn off all lights and other electronics when you are not using them. A little conservation can go a long way, help out the planet and don’t have appliances turned on when you aren’t using them.

Plant a tree. This one is real self-explanatory, but so important. Go outside and plant a tree, although it will take time to grow, it will be well worth it.