When starting a cleanse or detox program, don’t just think of boxed or bottled juices and pre-packaged kits. Acupuncture and naturopathic medicine are both proven to be an efficient detox techniques. And it can also help decrease the side effects of clearing toxins from the blood. 

Detox Research

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The College of Oriental Medicine at Daejeon University conducted a study showing that acupuncture can reduce liver toxicity. It also showed it can protect the liver and its functions. The study was conducted on laboratory rats and the information collected showed great promise. The rats were injected with olive oil to create an injury to the liver. They were then treated using an acupuncture point (Gallbladder 34). The gallbladder and liver meridians are linked through an interior-exterior relationship. Blood work was checked throughout the study and liver values improved. Acupuncture helped to balance the liver and kept it functioning properly.

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In TCM, the liver is easily affected by excess stress and emotions. The liver is paired with the gallbladder and the two work closely. When one is out of balance, the other may have symptoms. For instance, if a person is constantly stressed, the liver energies may become blocked. And the gallbladder can become affected. It’s not uncommon for people in high-stress jobs to end up with gallstones. This can happen when the liver becomes imbalanced and emotions bottle up, leading to pain and potentially stones.

Anger: The Emotion of the Liver

Anger is the emotion of the liver and gallbladder. If a person is frequently irritable and has difficulty relaxing, the liver Qi isn’t functioning properly. There are many methods of balancing the liver and returning proper energy flow throughout the body. Learning to stay calm and channel anger appropriately is a good place to start. Practice some deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or simply take a walk. All of these things are great for balancing stagnant liver Qi.

Support A Detox With A Breathing Break

Acupuncture or naturopathic medicine is a great way to balance liver energies. Regular acupuncture treatments help balance the body holistically and without any major side effects. During the spring, the liver is especially taxed due to intense new energies. This makes springtime a wonderful time to begin acupuncture treatments. 

Our Favorite Detox Program 


The PushCatch® LiverDetox is a versatile two-step cleansing protocol designed to help support the liver. It is widely accepted that eliminating toxins and then minimizing their redistribution and reabsorption is essential for proper health. Other improperly designed protocols on the market can result in unwanted redistribution, not elimination.

This system is highly flexible and can be used as a gentle, daily standalone detox, or as an intensive program.

Effective cleansing respects the fact that our body has built-in, highly evolved defense mechanisms that include adaptation, habituation, and a tendency to tilt toward homeostasis. Botanicals and phytonutrients that promote detoxification, drainage and elimination can be highly effective, but over time, the body may habituate to stimulation and become less responsive.  Learn More Here


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