Acupuncture for Men 

There are certain health issues more prevalent in men than women and many of these conditions can be easily addressed or treated using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, urinary issues, stress and prostate problems are just a few of the issues that are frequently seen in men. These conditions along with many others respond well to acupuncture, a modality of TCM dating back thousands of years. 

Without purposely trying to cause a debate between the sexes, it is statistically shown that men are less likely to seek help when experiencing physical or emotional unease. This is where something like acupuncture, a safe, natural and side-effect free modality of TCM can be a great asset for men of all ages.

Acupuncture can calm the mind, the nervous system and the endocrine system. All of these things work in conjunction to keep the body functioning properly. However, in the world we currently live in, stress, anxiety and depression have become rampant. Specific acupuncture points can literally decrease the heart rate, slow breathing and relax the mind in a matter of seconds to minutes. This helps alleviate the added stress that men, in particular, feel on a daily basis.

TCM has a long history of being used to help with fertility issues and sexual vitality. As men age and life takes over, many men experience a lack of libido and decreased sexual function. Improperly balanced hormones affected by long hours at the office, improper diet and lack of sleep can all lead to sexual dysfunction and fertility problems. 

Simple Acupressure Routine for Men’s Health

Yin Tang:

Yin Tang

This point is located midway between the inner ends of the eyebrows. Yin Tang is used to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is also a great point to use for eye issues, nasal problems and headaches.

Heart 7 (HT-7):

heart 7

  This point is located on the underside of the wrist crease on the outer edge. It is found in the depression on the outer side of the tendon. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this point is used to calm the mind and heart. It works well for anxiety, stress and anger too.

Kidney 3 (KD-3):

Located in the depression between the tip of the medial malleolus and the Achilles tendon. This point tonifies the kidneys, while strengthening the lower back and knees. 

Stomach 36 (ST-36):

Stomach 36

Known as the Longevity Point, this point is located bilaterally on the lower outer leg. It can be found 1 finger-breadth from the border of the upper tibia and about 3 thumb-breadths below the lower border of the knee cap. This point boosts the energy of the body and stimulates the immune function. 

Liver 3 (LV-3):

liver 3

This point is located on the top of the foot in the depression between the big toe and the second toe, where the metatarsal bones meet. Stimulating this point helps stagnant blood to move freely again. In Chinese medicine theory, stagnant blood flow can lead to depression. LV-3 is used frequently in traditional Chinese medicine treatments to reestablish the flow of blood throughout the body.

This just touches the surface when it comes to acupuncture for men’s health. However, it is easy to see why choosing acupuncture to help keep the body in alignment is a great option, especially for men. 

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